CommonTec - DExControl

DExControl® is the most advanced supervising and control system for ram extruder, paste extruder and micro moulding injection and optimizes the extrusion or injection processes. To get a best possible endproduct of PTFE, UMHW-PE, GUR, etc., it needs the optimized configuration of temperature, pressure and extrusion speed.

Each procedure requires its own experience. These experiences were gained. From the knowledge algorithms and software routines were developed, which settle that, which was adjusted mostly by hand.

Ram extrusion

Extrusion speed, extrusion pressure and sintering time are physical constants, which directly exert influence on the extrudate. Changes on extrusion speed influences the sintering time also like a pressure shift changes the the extrusion speed and also then the sintering time.

In case of ram extrusion the temperature affects the extrusion pressure and in consequence the extrusion speed and finally also the sintering time. Also a changing friction force inside the tooling influences the extrusion pressure and in consequence the extrusion speed and finally the sintering time.

Paste extrusion

In case of paste extrusion we know two different minds of control system. On the first hand, the expert believes in speed control system to get a continuous extrudate. On other hand, some people believes in pressure control systems for the same issue. A new development by CommonTec goes a third way and equipped the paste extruder with both control systems and in addition a second closed loop control circuit to get better fine adjustments. The extrusion speed is depended on the sintering time depending on thickness of the extrudate. Also the sintering temperature is depending on the speed of extrudate inside the oven. This will be also controlled by DExControl.

Micro injection moulding

In the Micro Moulding Injection causes smallest pressure peaks uncontrollable effects. Short press times let the shape accuracy become insufficient. Inaccuracies because of tolerances or mass accelerations influences the end products. DExControl can compensate these influences together with the CommonTec micro hydraulics.

Quality management

In all DExControl systems a complete quality management system is implemented. Each stroke can be logged very exactly for further statistics. That helps on easy way to produce ISO9000 protocols. DExControl can also be connected to a LAN or directly to a server.

DExControl as retrofit-kit

DExControl is also available as a retrofit-kit to modernize the existing production equipment. Our engineers can help to get the most advanced system on the market.