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DExControl CER for Ram Extruder
Ram extrusion The Ram extrusion process Controller for Ram Extrusion

The Ramextruder serves prior the production of profiles in PTFE. The profiles can be manufactured endlessly and cut by the continuous extruding on each length. The basic material, which ptfe powders brought consolidated into an extruding pipe heated on sinter temperature. At the same time with the compression the Extrudat is reforwarded by the extruding pipe and comes out at the end as finished profile suitable for the subsequent processing.

The ramextrusion is suitable for rods, tubes and other different profiles. The profile depends only on the tool. But there are also technically limits. A wall thickness of <3mm is difficult to manufacture. With DExControl exutrusion controller however thinner wall thickness can be produced. Beside PTFE it is possible to extrude materials like UHMW PE or GUR as well as their Compounds.

Constantly increasing requirements of the precision and the homogeneity of the products require ever more progressive technology. The producer can not afford losses of production because of inaccurate extruding procedure, imprecise process control or bad monitoring. The today's production capacities must work around the clock at small personnel expenditure. Deviations of production must be on time recognized and announced.Times for tool changes and downtimes because of maintenance work must be reduced to a minimum. All of this are requirements, which CommonTec considered with the advancement of the CER-ramextruder series and DExControl.

Beside the high precision of mechanically components it needs perfect adjustment of all physically values like extrusion pressure, temperature, speed and sintering time. The microstructure depends on all this values. Changes on tooling temperature influences the extrusion pressure or changes on the pressure influences the extrusion speed and finally the sintering time.

DExControl® supervises the whole extrusion process in any matter. Pressure peaks will be eliminated. Minimal lost temperature will be reacted by the extrusion speed to reach the needed sintering time.

We can not change the physics, but we can use it for the best quality

ram extrusio overview ram extrusion temperature setup

Ram extruder temperature difference

Ram extruder pressure peak

DExControl for Ram extruder Temperature Controller