CommonTec - DExControl

CommonTec Extrusion

The paste extruding applied to production of thin hoses, thick pipes (liners), wire insolation and unsintered tapes of PTFE. CommonTec - paste extruder guarantee a flexible production with continuously high extruding quality. Decisive for this are, apart from the precise machine and tool construction, very exact sensor technology as well as dynamic and accurate monitoring systems. Both was yardstick for the development of the CommonTec pastextruders. For the PTFE paste technology excluding emulsion polymer powders are used. The paste is a mixture of PTFE powder types and an organic liquid (gasoline, light oil). Extruding is accomplished in loads: The paste is used first to so-called gathering molds squeezed afterwards into a paste extruders and pressed out then by a conical trained nozzle in the cold and/or easily warmed up condition (approx. 40-60°C). The lubricant containing extrudate is released after the shaping in a drying zone from lubricant and sintered afterwards. Due to the different demand requirements each paste extrusion is adapted to the customized requirements. At present CommonTec offers 30 different models with diameters up to 600mm and a max. pressing force of 2000kN. Extrusion can be trained both hydraulically, and mechanically over screw pillar. To the extruding unit belong in series the gathering mold press, load system, DExControl extrusion controller and Datalogger, as well as DCONTROL remote operating system. Additionally further rich accessories are available to become fair the each demand requirement.

The ram extrusion serves prior the production of profiles in PTFE but can be also used for UHMW-PE, Compounds and for other types of materials like plastic waste. The profiles can be manufactured endlessly and cut by the continuous extruding on each length. The basic material, which ptfe powders brought consolidated into an extruding pipe heated on sintertemperatur and. At the same time with the compression the Extrudat is reforwarded by the extruding pipe and comes out at the end as finished profile suitable for the subsequent treatment. The ram extrusion is suitable for rods, tubes and other profiles. Beside PTFE it is possible to extrude materials like for UHMW PE or GUR as well as their Compounds. CommonTec RAM extruder is characterised by high-quality mechanical engineering and innovative control and automatic systems. Most advanced control and safeguards methods guarantee a maximum of precision both with the pressing procedure as well as in the sinter zone. Pressure and speed governors let the pressing process adjust individually to the respective profile. The temperature zones can be adapted to the respective requirements separately steplessly. Speeds, pressures and temperatures in the individual zones are continuously supervised and regulated. In order to ensure a continuous quality, once determined profile data can be stored and reused